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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Village of Sugar Grove Village Board met October 15

By Michael Abella | Dec 3, 2019

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Village of Sugar Grove Village Board met Oct. 15.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

President Michels opened the meeting at 6:00 PM and asked that Trustee Koch lead the Pledge. The roll was then called.

Present: President Michels, Trustee Lendi, Trustee Herron, Trustee Konen, and Trustee Koch, Trustee Walter Trustee Montalto

Quorum Established.

Also Present:

Administrator Eichelberger, Attorney Wilson, Clerk Galbreath, Community Development Director Magdziarz, Public Work Deputy Director Merkel, Finance Director Anastasia, Management Analysts Murphy.


Annexation Agreement – Harter Road Property

President Michels opened the Public Hearing regarding the Annexation Agreement for property on Harter Road. He then called for public comments, hearing no comments President Michels closed this portion of the agenda.




President Michels read the agenda items and the called for comments on those items on the agenda. He asked that comments regarding Cannabis and the Prairie Street Event Space be held until the items were discussed. Hearing no further comments President Michels closed this portion of the agenda.


a. Approval: Minutes of the October 1, 2019 Meeting

b. Approval: Vouchers

c. Approval: Treasurer’s Report

d. Proclamation: Pro Bono Month

e. Resolution: Authorizing a Construction Engineering Services Agreement with IDOT for SGP (IL 47) and Bliss Road Intersection Improvements

f. Resolution: Authorizing Local Public Agency Agreement for Federal Participation with IDOT for SGP (IL 47) and Wheeler Road Intersection Improvement

g. Approval: Emergency Watermain Repair Damage Payment

h. Resolution: Authorizing Street Light Repairs on Air Park Drive and Dugan Road

i. Ordinance: Authorizing the Sale of Real Estate – HF Park – STAR

Trustee Montalto moved to Approve the Consent Agenda removing item a. Trustee Herron seconded the motion. President Michels then called for a roll call vote.












Motion Carried.

Approval: Minutes of the October 1, 2019 Meeting

Trustee Herron moved Approve the minutes of October 1, 2019. Trustee Montalto seconded the motion. Trustee Lendi stated that she asked that the minutes be pulled as she did not want them approved at this time. President Michels questioned why. Trustee Lendi stated that while legally the minutes as presented were okay she felt that Sugar Grove’s minutes should be more detailed and that the web should include video and audio for the meetings. This has been discussed in the past and is still not being completed. People need to know what is going on at a meeting. It was obvious that more people want to be informed now that Crown got people involved in government. Trustee Lendi stated comments from Chief were omitted about cannabis from last meeting. People are busy and need more information, there is an urgency in audio recording. President Michels stated that he had reviewed others minutes and some are specific nd some not so. Other municipalities have newer building and facilities and have had the technical items for recording built it. Administrator Eichelberger explained that staff has been working on recording and is working out technical difficulties. Trustee Leni stated she can totally understand peoples frustration. Trustee Konen asked the WSPY reporter how his recorder picked up and how much it cost, he stated okay and it costs about $20. Clerk Galbreath asked that the motion to approve be amended to a motion to table so that she could obtain and review Trustee Lendi’s proposed amendments. President Michels then called for an amendment to table, so made by Trustee Herron and Montalto and a voice vote was called.












Motion to Table Carried.




Annexation of Harter Road Property

Staff presented the following information for consideration by the Village Board.

The applicant and owner, BDM Holdings, is requesting an annexation agreement to annex the subject property. No development of the property is contemplated at this time. The annexation agreement recognizes the property will be used and developed for industrial uses in accordance with the Village Future Land Use Plan and that the owner will be expected to rezone the property if and when the use of the property is changed. Until then, the interim use of the property will remain row crop farming and the zoning classification will default to the E-1 District.

The annexation agreement recognizes that the Village will use its best efforts to include the subject property in TIF #2. If the property is not included in TIF #2 the property will be disconnected from the Village.

Also of note, despite having frontage on Harter Road and IL 47 access to the subject property will likely be via a new road connection to Heartland Drive in the future.

Since water and sanitary sewer distribution lines cross or lie adjacent the subject property, no special provisions for extending public utilities needs to be made in the annexation agreement.

Prairie Street Event Space

Staff presented the following information for consideration by the Village Board.

An interested party desires to establish an event venue on a tract of land located on the north side of Prairie Street east of Mallard Point. If there is support for the proposal, the property would be annexed to the Village.

The subject property is approximately 7-acres and has a residence, a small barn and other accessory structures located on it. The proposal is to use the residence as the business owner’s residence and modify the existing barn for private events such as weddings, corporate outings and the like. The business operation would be seasonal and is anticipated to be developed in phases over time. It also is anticipated an all-weather tent structure would be used initially and migrate to the existing barn at a point in time in the future. 

The purpose of this pre-application consultation is not to approve or disapprove the proposal as there is no application to consider. Rather, the discussion should provide feedback to the applicant in order that they may approach the entitlement process with an understanding of the Village Board’s expectations. If there is support for the proposal the applicant will need to begin the process of annexation and rezoning the property before the use can be established. 

The potential operator has stated that the venue will provide economic benefits to the community including significant job opportunities. The operator anticipates approval would include restrictions on hours of operation, number of patrons, and number of annual events. Staff has identified noise impacts on nearby properties and traffic impacts to the Prairie Street and SGP intersection as areas of concern. If the Board believes the scale and intensity of the proposed use raises these or other concerns, but generally believes the use may be acceptable, further evaluation such as traffic or noise studies would be appropriate.

The applicant and legal representation gave an overview of the property and the proposed use. The Board approved of the proposed development of a special events venue moving forward.


Staff presented the following information for consideration by the Village Board.

Staff recommends the Board focus discussion on the following items.

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary (dispensing organizations - retail)

- Allowed only in a limited area on the west side of IL 47 at Waubonsee Drive in the B-3 and M-1 zoning districts.

- No less than 1,500’ from a school or day care center.

- No less than 250’ from residential property.

- No food or cannabis consumption on premises.

- No alcohol sales.

- No earlier than 8:00 a.m. or later than 8:00 p.m.

- No drive through windows.

- No one under the age of 21 on the premises.

- Valid ID required to enter business.

- Security cameras, lighting, etc. required.

- No cannabis odor outside the building.

Cultivation Center

Infuser Organizations

Processing Organizations

Transportation Organizations

- Allowed in M-1 zoning district.

- No less than 1,500’ from a school or day care center.

- No less than 250’ from residential property.

The Board discussed cannabis and the negatives and positives of allowing the sale of cannabis within the corporate limits. After much discussion President Michels noted that the consensus was to disallow the sale of cannabis within the corporate limits of Sugar Grove and directed staff to prepare an ordinance opting out and to present the ordinance at the next meeting for formal approval.

Amending TIF Boundaries

Staff presented the following information for consideration by the Village Board.

At the August 20, 2019 Board meeting, staff was directed to proceed with the amendment of TIF #2 to include Lot 18 on Heartland Drive, the property adjacent to the TIF and next to the middle school, and the Village property and buildings on Municipal Drive.

After discussion with our consultant, Moran Economic Development, it was determined that the proposed amendment would not meet eligibility requirements. Working with Keith Moran, two options are presented for consideration.

Option 1 – This map amends TIF #2 only, incorporating all the properties from the original map but does not include the Library, 140 and 160 S. Municipal Buildings.

Option 2 – This map amends TIF #1 and TIF #2, removing portions of TIF #1, including it, in the new TIF #2 boundaries. This option includes the 140 and 160 S. Municipal Buildings, but does not include the Library.

The primary benefit of Option 1 is that in involves amending TIF #2 only, the negative is that it eliminates the 140 and 160 buildings. The 160 building currently needs to be improved to provide needed professional office space to small local businesses. The 140 building is likely to need improvements during the life of the TIF to remain marketable. The primary benefit to Option 2 is the inclusion of the 140 & 160 buildings.

The Board discussed the options and agreed that Option 2 is preferred.



It was noted that Hankes Road Bridge is complete. Parkway trees are scheduled to be planted in November and that all sidewalk trip hazards are completed and the ADA ramps in Mallard Point are finished.


Trustee Montalto stared that the Arts and Entertainment committee would be meeting this week.

Trustee Koch reminded people to support local business.

President Michels stated that the ribbon cutting at Chelsea Comments Senior Apartments was great and the building has nice amenities. The Village is hoping that the I-88 / Rt 47 intersection would open in November.


Mr. Wolf, liaison reported that as there was no quorum no meeting was held. The next scheduled meetings is December 2019.


An audience member stated that the presentation of the minutes is on ongoing issues. When no details are given comments get more repetitive as people don’t know what was said before.

Another audience member stated that at the next Corn Boil meeting is may be decided if the Corn

Boil can continue.


Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Herron and seconded by Trustee Montalto. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m. p.m.

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