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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Village of Swansea Village Board met November 4

By Michael Abella | Dec 3, 2019

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Village of Swansea Village Board met Nov. 4.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

Attendees: Board President Leopold, Trustees Lanter (arrived at 6:50 pm), McDonald, McGuire, Neumeyer, & Parker, & Wells, Treasurer John Walter, Police Department (PD) Chief Steven Johnson, PD Deputy Chief effective at the beginning of the year Matthew Blomburg, Fire Department (FD) Chief Chris Tell, Director of Public Works Rick Tucker, Building and Zoning (B&Z) Director Dallas Alley, Administrator Benjamin Schloesser, Clerk Lauren O'Neill, other community members.

Motions: Trustees are presented with the individual that made the motion, followed by the person seconding the motion. Votes: Unless noted otherwise, votes are obtained by voice vote (roll call vote involves each voter stating their name and vote) and all votes are aye. Content of meeting is presented within the marks “***”.

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE- Held from 6:00 to 6:01 pm

Co-Chairpersons: Trustees Neumeyer & McDonald Members: Trustees Lanter, McGuire, Wells

1. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training – There are still individuals that need to attend the training or provide training certificates for current trainings completed with the county, state, or other entity.

2. Director Of Public Works Job Description – This item will be on the next meeting’s agenda.

3. Motion to Adjourn – Neumeyer, McDonald.

FINANCE COMMITTEE- Held from 6:01 to 6:02 pm

Chairperson: Trustee Lanter Members: Trustees McGuire, Neumeyer, Parker, Wells

1. Res Draft: A Resolution Accepting The Proposal Of The Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association, 500 East Capital Drive, Po Box 5180, Springfield, Illinois, 62705 For Workers Comp, Auto Liability & Comprehensive General Liability, Portable Equipment, Auto Physical Damage, And Property Insurance Coverage For The Village Of Swansea, Illinois, Effective January 1, 2020 - Motion to forward this item to the Board – Wells, Neumeyer. The intent is to pay the bill promptly on or before 11/22/19 to take advantage of the prompt payment discount, which saves the Village a couple thousand dollars ($174K instead of paying $176K).

2. Motion to Adjourn – Wells, Neumeyer.

JUDICIARY COMMITTEE- Held from 6:02 to 6:07 pm

Chairperson: Trustee Wells Members: Trustees McDonald, McGuire, Neumeyer, Parker

1. Discussion Item Updates To Code Of Ordinances Book – It’s was noted that it’s important for the Village that the ordinances be current and available to board members, citizens, and others, with frequent updates to the code of ordinance book. Current information should be available on the Village’s website. American Legal was tasked with keeping up with the ordinance changes. The last submittal to American Legal involved Ordinance 1836, and to date Ordinance 1870 has been implemented. The administrator will follow up with American Legal to review their services and obtain a quote for obtaining the needed updates. The topic item will be on the next meeting’s agenda.

2. Ord. Draft: An Ordinance Amending The Municipal Code For The Village Of Swansea By The Addition Of Chapter 117 Imposing A Municipal Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax - Motion to forward this item to the Board – Wells, Neumeyer. It was noted that this item needs to be treated as an emergency with the Board voting on the Ordinance this evening, even though the ordinance was presented at the committee level this evening and not at an earlier committee meeting. This ordinance will provide for the collection of the 3% maximum allowable tax per state law and must be adopted before the other ordinance on the Board’s agenda this evening, which relates to the production, distribution, and use of medical and adult use cannabis.

3. Motion to Adjourn – Wells, Neumeyer.

COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT- Held from 6:07 to 6:31 pm

Chairperson: Trustee McDonald Members: Trustees Parker, McGuire, Neumeyer, Wells

1. Findings Of Facts: Planned Business Submittal for 1201 N. Illinois St., with Planning and Zoning Board approval recommendation and stipulations involving parking lot illumination approved by the Zoning Administrator, existing canopy lighting removed and replaced, minimum operation hours of 12 pm to 4 pm, and planned improvements other than seal coating being completed by 12/31/19. – There were concerns noted regarding egress, parking, fencing (wood on the alley), adjacent storage buildings. The business is trying to complete the upgrades by the first of the year. The entity operates a lot in Freeburg that is not as large as the planned location in Swansea, yet sold about 280 cars last year. Cars range in price from $5K to $50K. The Swansea site is currently vacant. Public comment requested the committee/Board deny the request to operate a pre-owed/used car lot on the site. There were concerns mentioned regarding the lights that would be in operation dusk to dawn, that there would be more traffic than present in the area when plant sales nursery (and earlier a Root beer stand) operated at the location. The public comment suggested the pre-owned/used car lot on the site would be detrimental to the street scape plan efforts in Swansea, and disruptive to the nearby residential neighbors. Egress and potential traffic issues were noted as a strong concern too with the location near IL 159 and Gilbert. The wood construction of the fencing was noted to have benefits of being stronger than the vinyl fencing proposed for the other property borders. Wood boards can be quickly and easily replaced and painted white to match other sections of fencing on the property. Painting the wooden sections of the fence white and maintaining the fence per code enforcement requirements was discussed. It was noted that the entity currently operates in a nearby community and plans for the Swansea location to be a significant income producer and benefit to Swansea. Appropriate lighting will be installed so the lighting is directed towards the facility/lot and not towards neighboring properties. There are challenges with road travel all along IL 159, and these challenges it was suggested should not prevent a viable business in the area. - Motion to forward this item to the Board – McGuire, Wells.

2. Res Draft: A Resolution Approving The Planned Business Submittal For 1201 North Illinois Street In Accordance With The Zoning Regulations Of The Village Of Swansea - Motion to forward this item to the Board – Wells, McGuire.

3. Res Draft: A Resolution Accepting The Proposal From TWM Inc., 4940 Old Collinsville Road Swansea, Il 62226, In An Amount Not To Exceed $7,500.00, For Professional Services Including A Topographic Survey Of Swansea Clinton Hills Conservation Park- Motion to forward this item to the Board – McDonald, McGuire. It was noted that the Patriots expect to meet this Saturday at 8 am. There is a current expectation that significant funds for this project may be provided to Swansea from the Patriots. The study is needed to support future grant opportunities.

4. Res Draft: A Resolution Authorizing The President Of The Board Of Trustees To Execute An Agreement Authorizing A Reimbursement Grant Of $198,000.00 From The Illinois Rte. 159/Boul Avenue Business District Fund To Classic Auto Body Inc. For Site Improvements On The Property Located At 1421 North Illinois Street - Motion to forward this item to the Board – McGuire, Neumeyer. The resolution was previously approved, but due to construction delays the 6 month-time frames has been exceeded on the project, and therefore the resolution must be presented to the Village. Most of the construction efforts that remain are expected to occur before Christmas 2019.

5. Discussion Item Erb Equipment Sales Tax – The committee/Board was requested to consider the business’ request to be removed from the Special District Tax area. The additional1% tax was attributed to sales going to competitors. A response to the request was requested as soon as possible or potentially by the Spring of 2020. An individual that was attending the meeting with an interest in another topic, noted that when he made a recent equipment purchase he bought from a competitor of Erb Equipment, and that the additional sales tax was the determining factor in his purchasing outside of Swansea. The request will be considered along with potential legal hurdles and options or alternatives available. Dallas, McDonald, and another Trustee or the mayor will review the issue and alternatives.

6. Motion to Adjourn – Neumeyer, Wells.

PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE- Held from 6:31 to 6:35 pm

Chairperson: Trustee Parker Members: Trustees McDonald, Neumeyer, Lanter, Wells

1. Draft Ord.: An Ordinance Declaring Personal Property Owned By The Village Of Swansea As Surplus, Specifically, A 1990 Pierce Arrow Pumper Truck, Vin 4p1cad1e9la000671, And An Eagle Breathing Air Compressor, Model# Bap10k123085, Serial# 93870, And Authorizing Them To Be Sold By Staff - Motion to forward this item to the Board – Wells, Neumeyer. It was noted that this ordinance needed to be treated as an emergency and voted on by the Board this evening to allow for potential advertising/sale of the FD truck/equipment. The potential price range for the items was touched upon.

2. Non-Agenda Item: The Swansea FD recently was notified that they will receive a light and the FD Chief will review the light and what truck it might be mounted on. The sweepstake drawing selected Swansea to receive the free light. The lowest priced light was described as being about $18K. There may be some expense related to the professional mounting of the light.

3. Motion to Adjourn – Wells, Neumeyer.

PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE- Held from 6:35 to 6:49 pm

Chairperson: Trustee McGuire Members: Trustees Lanter, McDonald, Neumeyer, Wells

1. Discussion Item Removal of Apron From Llewellyn Road – Tucker noted that some recent reviews were completed and the verbal authorization for removal of the Apron from Llewellyn Road was obtained from the County, and written authorization is now being sought. A ditch in the section would avoid cars using the section of blocked off roadway as a turn-around, a safety hazard. The ditch would be maintained by the County, and aid with potential drainage issues. The nearby property owners support the proposed installation of the ditch and the removal of the apron from Llewellyn Road. The right of way in the area owned by Swansea needs to remain to support the Master Bike Trail Plans, which may result in bike/trail improvements in the area, potentially implemented in 2 years.

2. Discussion Item STP and CMAQ Grant Funding – Traffic studies in the North-end section of Swansea are required to provide current traffic counts and potentially reclassify roads, such as Greenhaven Road and others, which ultimately will support grant applications that could provide for road improvements in the area.

3. Discussion item St. Clair County Park Grant – A grant opportunity with St. Clair County is being pursued. The 100% grant will hopefully provide for some needed park maintenance equipment. The $25K grant application included items needed for Swansea valued at $25,100, including 2 new zero-turn 72” cut mowers, blower, weed sprayer, pressure washer, and brush cutter). The application is due 11/22/19.

4. Payment Method for 2 Ton Dump Truck – This item is provided for information only. The resolution related to the truck purchase was previously approved. The truck is expected to be delivered tomorrow. The funds for the truck will be provided through Fund 99. While the item wasn’t in the budget, the funds are available for the purchase. At this time using Fund 99 is preferred to financing the purchase.

5. Non-Agenda Item: Some sections of road that need some follow up were discussed, including drainage issues in the area. The Street issue is being addressed with appropriate work.

6. Motion to Adjourn – Wells, McDonald.

CULTURAL COMMITTEE- Meeting not held

Chairperson: Trustee Wells Members: Trustees Lanter, McGuire, Neumeyer, Parker

SWANSEA REPORT COMMITTEE- Held from 6:49 to 6:53 pm

Chairperson: Trustee Neumeyer Members: Trustees Lanter, McGuire, Parker, Wells

1. December 2019/January 2020 Draft Issue – The draft will be updated to reflect that yard waste burning will “end” (not begin) on 12/15/19. Code Red notices can still be used to notify when burning is not allowed. The Santa House will be operated in Mel Price Park between 12/1/19 – 12/22/19 (2- 5 pm Saturdays and Sundays, and 6 – 8 pm on weekday evenings). There will be opportunities for pictures with family, friends, and pets. A notice will advertise the event in the next Swansea Report issue, as well as on-line. The dates and times will be added to the calendar section of the report too. The Spooktacular event that was originally scheduled to be held on 10/26/19 in Melvin Price Park was canceled due to weather. A recap of this fact and a thank to the volunteers will be noted. The report may provide some reminders to move basketball hoops and other personal recreational property out of the street and Swansea right of way areas that need to remain clear for snow plowing and other needs.

2. Motion to Adjourn – Wells, McGuire.

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