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Monday, February 24, 2020

Woodford County Road & Bridge Committee met June 10

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 9, 2019


Woodford County Road & Bridge Committee met June 10.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call - Richard Hill (Ch.), Danny Steffen, Barry Logan present. Josh Davis arrived at 8:25. Donald Tolan is excused. Also present is Conrad Moore, Woodford County Engineer. 

3. Approval of May 13, 2019 Minutes. 

Motion to approve May 13, 2019 minutes made by Logan, seconded by Steffen. Motion passed.

4. Review and consider minutes of past Executive

5. Public Input - None

6. Approval of June Claims

Motion to approve June claims made by Logan, seconded by Steffen. Question regarding the Illinois Civil Contractors – it is for a box culvert north of Roahoke. They are ready to set rebar today. It was asked how they choose which employees get drug screen tested. The company randomly picks employees for drug screen testing, we have nothing to do with it. There is a charge for Ragan Communications for an antenna and hardware for the exact same amount twice in the claims. It was questioned if this was a mistake. We have received two new trucks, and each truck had to have the antenna and hardware installed. It was asked about the dust shields. The Kenworthy didn't have dust Shield and it was determined that without them it wears the brakes out faster. The new trucks have dust shields. Mr. Steffen will abstain from any Steffen 3 D claims. Motion approved.. 

7. Unfinished Business 

Consider Intergovernmental Agreement with Village of Roanoke for Jurisdictional Transfer of North Main Street from Front Street to IL 116. 

This is still with DOT. 

8. New Business (1)

a. Discuss and bids for Worth Township Bridge, Section 17-17161-00-BR 

The estimates for this project were done in 2018. Since that time, prices have gone up. IDOT allows submittal of a revised engineer estimate. We received 3 bids. IDOT has to concur in the award. Motion to approve the bid from Stark Excavating for $369,645.76, contingent on IDOT concurrence made by Steffen, seconded by Logan. Motion passed.

b. Discuss and act on addendum to agreement with Wendler Engineering for bridge inspection. 

Motion made by Logan to accept addendum agreement with Wendler Engineering, seconded by Steffen. In January this committee approved bridge inspections agreement with Wendler Engineering. The Bridge cross sections need to be done every 5 years. There are 36 bridge cross sections to be done at an additional cost of $2,935. There are four (4) bridges that we are still waiting to hear from IDOT on how they want them done, so there could be some additional costs. Since we don't know the cost of the surveys for those lour bridges, Mr. Moore may be back in another month asking for more money. Discussion on amending the motion to include an amount that would cover the four bridges. Motion to amend the motion to strike the $5,765, and replace it with an amount not to exceed $9,000 made by Logan Motion passed. Vote taken on original motion as amended, Motion passed.

c. Discuss and act on a petition for County Aid for a structure in Metamora Township, Section 19-08134-01-BR. 

Motion to approve the petition for County Aid from Metamora Township made by Logan, seconded by Steffen. The bridge has steel tiles that are deteriorating and need to be replaced. The cost will be split 50/50 between Metamora Township and the County. Estimated total cost is $25,000. Motion passed. 

9. Other

a. Jill Doty, 1943 Lourdes Road. Metamoral addressed the committee. She explained that the property was given to them by her parents. There was no option on where to place the house or the driveway. She placed the driveway where it was convenient to help the farmer. She could not meet the 1600 foot requirement, so she applied for a variance. She gave the background on her process of applying for the Variance and her understanding of what she was told. She stated that Mr. Huser statements led her to believe that she would be allowed to keep the driveway where it was placed Her variance was voted down and she was not aware that she could apply again. She currently has some financial issues and can't afford to move the driveway. Discussion on the Zoning Ordinance and the protocol for spacing on driveways. Discussion on the problems seen in the current ordinance as written. Discussion on how to help Ms. Doty with her situation. It was asked for Mr. Moore's recommendation. This is a situation he has inherited, and based on the facts, he has to comply with the ordinance, Motion made by Logan that due to Ms. Doty's financial problems, to extend Ms. Doty 6 months to comply with the ordinance. Seconded by Steffen. Motion passed. The committee would like CP&Z to consider changes to the ordinance.

b. SPAFAS Plans, County Highway 13

Dwight Schwake, 1290 CH 13, Roanoke, IL addressed the committee. He has applied to Zoning to place a 30x40 egg cooler on the south side of an existing building. He is asking about placing another drive on the property to allow semi-trucks to maneuver around and still be able to make a southern turn onto CH 13, This drive does not meet the access ordinance spacing distance for placement of the driveway. The committee discussed options for this driveway. This is a business that supports 80 employees in the county. Discussion on the need for a commercial ordinance. The committee discussed how the rules need to be changed, but this is not the committee to change them. Those changes must come from @p&Z. The reason for rules are understood, but the way it is written is impeding viable businesses. Discussion on how this drive fits into the redesign of CH 13. If the road is widened, then the culvert would have to moved again. Mr. Schwake would like to start the process in September. This will be discussed next month.

c. FY 2020 Budget

A map of proposed projects for next year and what those projects would entail was presented. The possible equipment that will be needed are a front end loader, a track steer, and a pick-up truck. The survey equipment will be obsolete at the end of the year. It was requested that Mr. Moore get numbers for that equipment. 

10. Executive Session (if necessary) 

11. Any action coming out of Executive Session 

12. Adjournment

 A Motion to adjourn made by Logan, seconded by Steffen. Motion passed.

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