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Friday, November 22, 2019

Woodford County Health Care Committee met August 14

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Nov 8, 2019

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Woodford County Health Care Committee met Aug. 14.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

1. Call to Order. - Called to order at 3:00.

2. Roll Call, Melissa Andrews (ch), Dustin Schulz (vo), Doug Mullen, Janet Gibbs, Lisa Jording, Derek Reinmann, Matt Noar, Emily Barker, Chuck Nagel, and John Krug were all present. Jay Shreffler and Joe Soto were absent, Jason Boothe and Jake Janssen from Snedeker Risk Management (SRM) and County Clerk Dawn Kupfer were also in attendance.

3. Approval of Minutes

a. Approval of May 15, 2019 Minutes

Motion to approve the May 15, 2019 minutes made by Lisa Jording, seconded by Emily Barker. Motion to approve as submitted carried.

4. Public Input - None 

5. Report of Fund Balances

Premium & Claims Reserve Fund: $ 668,718.45

Health Care Plan Fund: $ 44,975.97

Total of both funds: $ 713,694.42

Doug Mullen pointed out that the reason we have the balance as high as we do is so if we were to close out the plan for some reason we would have the funds to pay out claims and also to absorb any excess losses or smooth out premium rate increases if needed.

6. Appointments

There are no appointments for this meeting, however, last month two County Board Members were replaced with John Krug and Chuck Nagel. There will be four members coming up for reappointment in November: Jay Shreffler, Joe Soto, Doug Mullen, and John Krug.

7. Old Business

8. New Business

a. Discussion and Approval of adding 50% off Select Brand Medications for Diabetes and

Asthma/COPD as recommended by TRIA Health.

TRIA Health, a medication therapy management company that Woodford County currently partners with, is recommending that we add 50% off Select Brand Medications as an incentive to participants with Diabetes and Asthma/COPD. We do not have to do this as engagement with TRIA has been pretty good, however, this is just an option. The estimated additional cost to the plan would be approximately $1,000 per year, which is not a huge cost and it may end up saving the plan some money if members engage and switch to cheaper medications. Janet Gibbs reported that she has had good experiences with TRIA. Motion to approve made by Doug Mullen, seconded by Dustin Schulz. Motion carried and this item will be sent to the full County Board for approval.

b. Review and Approval of Premium Rates for Plan Year 2020.

We discussed the Proposed Rates for 2020 along with the next item, Premium Holiday. We can either recommend the approval of the proposed rates and/or have a Premium Holiday or we can adopt lower rate increases and may or may not have a Premium Holiday. The proposed rates would generate enough funds to cover approximately 100% of the claims cost for next year. Our original goal was to reach and maintain at least $500,000 in our funds. We had discussion as to which option our employees would appreciate more. We have several different plan coverages so the savings to the employees will vary depending on their coverage. A motion was made by Janet Gibbs to have Snedeker's recalculate the proposed premium rates at approximately half of the percentages proposed, with the exception of the employer HSA contributions. Motion was seconded by Lisa Jording. Motion carried. We will review the revised premiums next month and then make a recommendation to the full County Board. We would like to have the premium rates set before open enrollment which is during the month of October. We are hoping more employees will switch to an HSA plan during open enrollment. MedTrak is offering Transparent Pass-thru pricing which provides savings on prescription drugs which could potentially amount to $20,000 or more in savings to our plan. We may be looking at doing this in the future as well as Reference Based Medical Claims Pricing using Medicare Rates as a reference point.

c. Discussion and Approval of Premium Holiday - See discussion above.


a. County Board Action Follow-up (Monthly item) 

b. Monthly Update/Quarterly Report from Snedeker's 

Jason from SRM handed out the Annual Plan Performance Report thru July 2019. The plan continues to perform well and we have steadily increased the fund balance as our contributions and reimbursements have exceeded costs so far in 2019.

c. Cologuard is covered by our Plan at 100% as preventative

Melissa reported that employees had asked if Cologuard is covered by our plan and Snedeker's office has confirmed that it is. There are other variances, such as Colosure, ColoVantage, and PreGen-Plus are NOT covered.

10. Executive Session (if necessary) 

11. Any Action Coming Out of Executive Session 

12. Announce Next Meeting Date

Next Meeting will be September 11, 2019 at 3:00.

13. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 4:02 made by Lisa Jording, seconded by Emily Barker. Motion carried.

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